About Us

Mangalam Fibre Works

Is a company based in Tamil Nadu, India. We are into manufacturing, aggregation, export and distribution of coir based products from our factory in India to several countries across the world.

Our primary product is sustainable coir based growing media aimed at commercial growers and other growing media manufactures. We have been trusted wholesale suppliers to some of the major horticultural players across the world. As a company that values time, money and quality, our rapid growth is a direct result of consistent product quality, competitive rates and timely delivery.

Why Choose Us

Experts Trusted Us

As a premium quality supplier and exporter of coir pith (coco peat ) products from India for over 7 years, we know the importance of getting the price, quality and service consistently right from our customers.
Ensure consistent, tested high quality supply coir round the year in every single delivery.
Help protect and enchance your gross margins through fair pricing.
Ability to customize substrates to ensure optimum product blend & target price at anytime.
Transparent & proactive communication from order to delivery ensuring peace of mind.

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